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CatSeeker is a unique and innovative online resource for would-be cat owners to access in order to locate a suitable cat currently living in the animal welfare system.

The easy to navigate, user friendly nature of the website is what makes CatSeeker stand out.

Never before has it been easier to locate, at the click of a mouse, the most suitable and worthy cat or kitten to share your life with.

Users are able to browse cats needing homes via a range of simple search criteria.

As well as cats needing homes, CatSeeker will also feature link ups with  blogs kept by people who have rescued cats as well as online diaries from people who are in the process of rehoming cats.

The cats can be viewed by the rehoming centre where they are located or by their age, sex or type.

Feel free to use the open text search box or browse cats by clicking the relevant links down the side of the site.

What People are Saying About CatSeeker:

MP, Anne Widdecombe:

This site is the most fantastic site, its very important for someone to know exactly what they’re getting into when owning a cat and can then have many happy years together.

TV personality Gail Porter:

I think this website which have been set up is an amazing thing for animals because in this day and age animals should be given the proper care they deserve and some people unfortunately don’t respect this and without this website a lot of cats would be in a lot of pain and without the love, which hopefully you can give them.

Help Using The CatSeeker Website

Simple to Use, Easy to Find The Cat For You!
Cats can be viewed by either the rehoming centre at which they currently reside or by their age, sex or breed type.

CatSeeker.com makes browsing all the cats looking for new homes as easy as possible based on criteria such as breed type, age, sex or by shelter.

You can choose to view as many or as few cats as take your interest prior to making viewing arrangements with the shelters.

Feel free to use the open text search box or browse cats by clicking the relevant links on the right hand side of the site.

The aim of the website is to present a highly user-friendly browsing experience. We WANT you to consider all the cats listed on the site that match your lifestyle requirements. You may wish get an idea of the size, age or breed type of the cat you feel would be most suitable to fit in with your own living arrangements or you might choose to view the additional details on each cat’s listing in order to get an idea if they would be suitable.

Please consider adopting an older cat – View older cats for adoption
They are invariably well adjusted socially and in many cases they arrive at rescue centres through no fault of their own. They are very often the most suitable cats for families with young children who are about to offer a home to their first cat.

Create a shortlist of the cats you like the most
Underneath each cat’s listing is a small button/link entitled ‘Share This’. This little feature will enable you to either send the details of the cat you are looking at to an email address or you could build up a shortlist of cats on any of the web’s most popular social networking sites (such as Dig, Google Bookmarks etc)

Speak to the shelters but please be aware of their time restraints
Obviously the main purpose of this website is to get as many cats into new, caring homes as possible. We want and need you to get in touch with the rescue centres to discuss rehoming opportunities. Please try and use the site to gather as much information on each cat as you can possibly can. This will ensure you can communicate clearly to the rescue centres than you have done your research and have the basic information on the cat(s) you are keen on adopting.

Please mention us
Getting a cat is tremendously exciting and rewarding. We understand you might forget but if you could take a moment to let the rehoming shelter(s) you talk to that you heard about them through CatSeeker.com we’d really appreciate it!

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