Cailah – 11 year old female Bengal Domestic Short-Haired Cat

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Cailah is a year 11 old Bengal female cat. Cailah came in to the rescue two years ago and has had three homes since!! We have now had Cailah back in the rescue for 6 months, we all wanted to keep her as a permanent resident, however we feel she deserves a forever home all for herself. When Cailah first came in to the rescue she had been a house cat, we did not realise that she was not happy with this until she went to her first new home, where she constantly tried to escape, so she came back, Cailah can be very demanding of your attention, she loves her cuddles and will constantly meow at you if she does not get it, we did explain this to her second home and although the lady who adopted her was fine with it the lodgers where not, (Cailah wants affection from everyone in the house!!) When she came back in to the rescue, she fell in love with another cat we had in Thomas O’malley, they could not be parted from each other, however when we found a lovely home for them together Cailah decided she didn’t like him any more and stared to attack him (Thomas was also gorgeous and I personally think she was jealous!!) So again she came back. We then brought Cailah home to give them a full assessment for a good 6 months.

We have learnt that Cailah will tolerate other cats for a couple of months but then she will start to get annoyed with them and start to attack them, she loves humans, she loves to be stroked while sitting on your lap and follows you round and get in to everything you are doing, not so keen on being picked up but will put up with it, if affection is shortly followed!! She likes to sleep in the bed in winter and either lie in the crook of your knee or up against your feet!! Cailah does not mind dogs as long as they are used to cats, if they show any sign of aggression towards cats and she is off. Cailah is a cool cat, she is a bit quirky and can be very demanding and annoying when you are in a rush, but she will make someone a fantastic cat. Cailah is fully vaccinated, micro chipped and neutered.

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