Betty Crackle – 2 year old female Tabby and White Domestic Short-Haired Cat

Betty Crackle is a 2 year old female Tabby and White Domestic Short-Haired Cat. Now clearly we are a dog rescue and this is a cat and we don’t often step in to help cats, well because we’re a dog rescue! When we heard about Betty’s plight we couldn’t not act on the info.

She was living in a garden where she had turned up as a stray. The family that owned the garden fed her and hoped she had a home somewhere despite appearing to not leave their garden. She never entered the house due to the dogs and cats that lived there.

When she had kittens it became clear that she wasn’t spayed and didn’t have a home so when the kittens were old enough we found them loving homes and had Betty Crackle spayed, she is now ready for a new home.

Initially when moved to a foster home Betty was very shy and hid up all the time and clearly missed being outside. It has taken a few weeks but recently she has become more affectionate and started asking for a fuss and sleeping on her fosterers bed.

Where once we thought we would have to find her a farm type home we are now very sure she can be a household pet and companion, though initially will need to be kept indoors for several weeks. Betty Crackle fostered Norwich Norfolk

We would dearly love to find Betty Crackle a quiet home environment with no young children where she can continue to flourish and grow in confidence. If you can offer this lovely girl such a home please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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