Edina and Patsy – 7 month old female Black and White Domestic Short-Haired Cats

Edina and Patsy are two adorable 7 month old female Black and White Domestic Short-Haired Cats who are looking for a home together. Patsy is mostly black although in certain lights she looks more of a beautiful dark chocolate brown. She is the more confident of the two and loves strokes and attention from her humans.

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Eddie is black with white socks and patches and has an adorable little face. She is more timid than her sister and is still quite cautious around her humans although she still loves the occasional chin tickle.

They are both very chatty kittens who will often chirp to each other around the house. Eddie is still quite dependent on her bigger sister and if she gets lost she will cry until Patsy comes running to comfort her.

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RSPCA Altrincham Cheshire Branch
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