Panda and Frank – 8 year old male and female Black and White Domestic Short-Haired Cats

Panda and Frank are 8 year old male and female Black and White Domestic Short-Haired Cats. These two are like a little married couple both 8 years old, they are not related but have lived together for the past 8 year who have come from a preloved home. They both just love to potter on and find the best sleeping spots.

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Panda (Black and White) never misses a trick, and loves a head scratch and bellyrubs and will come sit at the side of you. Panda is a very chirpy cat and she is all over everything sneaking in for cuddles and sneaking extra treats. She is the more bossy one out of the two but does rely on Frank to test out new things first.

Frank (Black) is a little more reserved and is more calculated in when he wants attention. He takes everything in his stride and loves rolling around on the kitchen floor having a full belly tickle.

Both of them are never too far away from each other, so it would be good to see them both go to the same home where they can sleep the day away. They would need a quieter home and would be okay with older children.

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