Rainbow – 11 week old female Black Domestic Short-Haired Cat

Rainbow is an 11 week old female Black Domestic Short-Haired Cat. Skies are always blue in my world and my dreams will come true one day! There is a home waiting for that special one like me, I just know it! I may have been born without my sight and no eyes but my other senses are impeccable, maybe a little too much! I can hear you and smell you coming which is great for knowing who my mummy or daddy is.

GREAT NEWS! This Cat Has Now Been Rehomed
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This does mean that people who don’t know me will find it alarming that I sit with my mouth open but don’t forget cats have such sensitive receptors on their tongue! I am quite wary however and the slightest thing makes me jump so I need a quiet and calm adult only home with an experienced cat owner who will love me for the little ray of sunshine I am!

It has to be me and them, no other pets and with the least amount of disruption for familiarity. Remember us cats mental map everything! I am used to venturing outdoors so please let me still have access. Indoor life is great for safety but by having a secure enclosure to call my own would be fantastic and you won’t have to worry about me getting lost!

I may require surgery at 6 months of age but the Centre will help with that.

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Leicester Animal Aid
For further details about adopting a cat from Leicester Animal Aid, please fill out an application form online - https://www.leicesteranimalaid.org.uk/re-home-a-pet/interested-parties-form/cat - in the first instance. All members of the household must meet at least once (generally two visits at the Centre). This is currently done by appointment once a match has been made with a potential owner and cat. Rehoming costs are: £90 for a spayed female / £80 for neutered male / £60 for kittens (These must be rehomed in pairs or with an existing cat).