Sirius – 3 year old male Black Domestic Short-Haired Cat

Sirius is a 3 year old male Black Domestic Short-Haired Cat. We are looking for an extra special adopter for Sirius please. Sirius was an unclaimed stray and now is in need of an experienced and patient home. Sirius is a feisty boy – initially scared, he gradually builds up a bond with his carer and comes over to be fed and will rub around their legs and meow to be noticed.

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However, he cannot be stroked and will swipe at a hand going near him, likewise moving objects such as a dustpan brush. It does not seem that he is a true feral or yard cat- he uses his litter tray without any mishaps and sits on a chair provided and seems to understand what a scratching post is for.

His ideal home will possibly be somewhere that he can live fairly independently, possibly outdoor based but where he comes indoors for food so he forms a trust with his owners. It may be that over a few months he mellows and learns to accept being touched but his family must realise that would be a bonus and may never happen.

Sirius cannot live with children or a dog and will need a quiet home with a regular and predictable routine. He is a handsome boy with a semi long-haired coat – his family will need to keep a watch that he does not get matted and that if he does make arrangements with their vet for help to manage an occasional full groom.

We realise that this is a big ask – unfortunately Sirius cannot tell us why he is so adverse to being touched but we feel he deserves a second chance.