Jesse and Gypsy – 15 year old male Ginger and White and Black and White Domestic Short-Haired Cats

Jesse and Gypsy are 15 year old male Ginger and White and Black and White Domestic Short-Haired Cats. They have found themselves in rescue after their owner sadly died and there was no one able to look after them. Jesse, black and white, recently had surgery for an overactive thyroid and is doing very well at the moment but has to take medication once a day to control high blood pressure- he happily eats this in his breakfast.

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Gypsy, ginger and white, is a happy cheerful boy – a bit unsteady on his back legs but not needing any medication at present – he is very dependent on the moral support of his brother in new situations so they really need to stay together.

Unfortunately Gypsy is unreliable about using his litter tray when he needs a wee, especially in a new place and given access to a large area but is too unsteady and hard of hearing to be allowed free access outdoors. Puppy pads on a tiled floor as well as plenty of open topped litter trays help, especially for the first few weeks of settling in – however, we expect this will always be something that will need to be managed.

Realistically we feel they need a home where they can perhaps live in a utility room with a cosy boiler and interesting views to watch outside and a “catio” pen outdoors for warm days in the fresh air.

We realise that this is a big ask, but this loving, affectionate pair are still happy with life and are full of personality. They need to be the only cats in their new home but could live with a cat friendly dog. Any children would need to be old enough to understand their special needs and limitations.

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