Pailin – 1 year old female Calico Domestic Short-Haired Cat

Pailin is a 1 year old female Calico Domestic Short-Haired Cat. Can’t decide between a gorgeous Ginger, Tabby and a smart tuxedo kitty? With Pailin, you can have both! Pailin is a cutie who was rescued from the streets of Thailand and currently lives at the Soi Dog Foundation shelter in Phuket.

GREAT NEWS! This Cat Has Now Been Rehomed
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It might be hard to believe, but Pailin really did use to be a street cat. She came to Soi Dog after she was hit by a car.

The accident has left her with a head tremor which has improved recently but is still there. The tremor means her head wobbles a little sometimes – one of her many cute quirks.

Pailin, which means “sapphire” in Thai, is the kind of cat who knows how to charm without saying a single meow. She’s sassy, playful and affectionate, and she’s hoping to become an internet star like some of her other fellow calicos out there, but she needs you to make it happen!